How to print the books

All files are available digitally in two formats – swell and emboss. The files are intended to be downloaded by you and printed using the correct printing machine. Swell and Emboss versions are available depending on the hardware you have available.

Swell paper

  1. Print the PDF files ending is
    S, in COLOUR, colour is for parents
  2. Print directly onto Swell Paper (Use actual size not fit to page).
  3. Heat the pages (PIAF,
    sterocopyer etc.)
  4. Black Braille and graphics will
    raise and the print will not raise because of the colour.


  1. Print the PDF files ending in E (Use actual size not fit to page).
    for print information for parents
  2. Load printed paper into embosser
  3. Emboss .dxb files onto printed
    file, for Braille and graphics

3D Printing

For those who have access to 3D printing machines you have access to 3D printable files for tactile tools to assist learning the UEB Braille code using dAp Dots.

Other specific guidlines

Never ask the children to guess the picture, always tell them what it is in the first instance and then explore the graphic together. 

Graphicacy is as essential in Braille as it is in print. Therefore, tactile maps and graphics are featured heavily in the resources.

Who do I contact for any assistance?

Please use the contact us here if you have any questions or need assistance.